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Tim's Cardinal 2015... Tim made a best friend at Ocean Avenue right before we moved.

Donkey Trail on Hamkua Bay

Dancing on the North Shore

Tim's First Home Run ~ Sarasota Senior Softball!

Swimming with Turtles at Carlsmith Beach Park 2016
Make sure your sound is on and watch to the end to see Tim and Toots 2016 credit. Note... this is all wild!! No  theme park attractions here!!

Shipwreck Beach   Jumpers and Interview 3 min 44 sec 2014

Wailua  Falls Hike 5 min 54 sec 2014

Preview of coming attractions!

VIDEOS ~ Tim & Toots Productions

Floor of the Volcano

Wailua Kayak Trip



"Dental Arts" was a winning team in Sarasota senior Softball Tuesday League 2016-17. It was a great year to learn the ropes and a great group of guys to play with! Check out Tim's First Home Run!!

2016 and before...

Snorkeling Poipu 2016.
More fun with the GoPro. Original soundtrack was Octopuses Garden... but Beatles wouldn't cooperate!!

Mama Bear and Cub close to Bow Lake on the Ice Fields Highway (route 93) in YOHO National Park.