Cape Cod Classics~ 70--75 Division

September 11-13, 2023

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Monday 9-11, 9:00

Boomerifics v Fishkill                     

  Boomers won                                                             

Monday 9-11, 10:30
Boomerifics v Raiders
Raiders won
Tuesday 9-12, 9:00
Boomerifics v Sharks
Sharks won
Tuesday 9-12, 10:30
Boomerifics v Relics
Relics won
Wednesday 9-13
Boomerifics (4) v Fishkill (5)
Fishkill won

Highlight of the Champs!
Let's hear it for THE RAIDERS!!!!
Raiders beat Relics in Final Game!!!

And that's all she wrote!

That's it for the

2023 Season~

See you next year!!!

Cape Cod Senior Softball League ~ CCSSL


Updated- September 21, 2023

CSSL Summer Games- Division 3  2023

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Fellman v -
Monday 5-22
A great opening day--- a nail biter at the end--- a good time was had by all!
Tuesday 5-23
Hot Stove
Closely matched teams----  the 6th inning gets HOT!!!
Tuesday 5-30
A close finish!
Wednesday 5-31
Old Kings
This one goes into extra an inning--- definitely worth the price of admission!
Tuesday 6-6
Hot Stove
Let the Good Times Roll!!
Thursday 6-8
9 Innings---- a lot of great plays ended up on the cutting room floor. Great GAME!
Tuesday 6-13
A special game with a tribute to Mike McCluskey--- includes a few "fun" plays!
Thursday 6-15
Old Kings
The kids are out of school--- look forward to seeing more young fans!!
Tuesday 6-20
Hot Stove
Every game we find a few new SUPERSTARS!!!
Thursday 6-22
Great game--- score flip-flopped for the entire game--- until THE 7TH INNING!!!
Thursday 6-29
Old Kings
The score kept flip flopping--- you won't know until the end how it is going to go!!
Wednesday 7-5
4th of July crowd in the stands made everyone play a great game!!!
Thursday 7-6
Hot Stove
Always a good rivalry between these two teams!!
Tuesday 7-11
First game in a double header.Aggregate came on strong and kept the pressure on,
What goes around comes around---- Game 2 Fellman came back swinging!!!
Thursday 7-13
Old Kings
These teams are rivals--- it was close right up to the 7th inning!!
Tuesday 7-18
Amazing play at home when Fellman pitcher threw ball home for an out! WOW!!
Thursday 7-20
Hot Stove
Hot Stove came to the park with their game face on this day!!
Monday 7-24
Close game until the 6th inning!
Tuesday 7-25
Old Kings
no tape :(
Monday 7-31
Each team had cheering sections--- lots of energy on the field!!!
Monday 8-7
Old Kings
Close- unpredictable game all the way through...Tie game going into the top of the 7th!!
Thursday 8-17
Hot Stove
Lots of family and friends turned out for this last game of the REGULAR season.

Monday 8-21
4th and 5th place teams meet to duke it out!
Tuesday 8-22
Old Kings
Things get settled in the bottom of the 7th!
Wed 8-23-23
Tied at one point... friends to the end! One team got eliminated.
Thursday 8-24
The winner o this game goes on to more PLAYOFS!

Hot Stove
2.5 minutes o highlights from Hot Stove's Season!!!

And that's all she wrote!! Congratulations ALL--- Great Season!!!

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