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Updated- September 21, 2023

Cape Cod Classics~ 70--75 Division

September 11-13, 2023

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Monday 9-11, 9:00

Boomerifics v Fishkill                     

  Boomers won                                                             

Monday 9-11, 10:30
Boomerifics v Raiders
Raiders won
Tuesday 9-12, 9:00
Boomerifics v Sharks
Sharks won
Tuesday 9-12, 10:30
Boomerifics v Relics
Relics won
Wednesday 9-13
Boomerifics (4) v Fishkill (5)
Fishkill won

Highlight of the Champs!
Let's hear it for THE RAIDERS!!!!
Raiders beat Relics in Final Game!!!

And that's all she wrote!

CSSL Summer Games- Division 3  2023

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Fellman v -
Monday 5-22
A great opening day--- a nail biter at the end--- a good time was had by all!
Tuesday 5-23
Hot Stove
Closely matched teams----  the 6th inning gets HOT!!!
Tuesday 5-30
A close finish!
Wednesday 5-31
Old Kings
This one goes into extra an inning--- definitely worth the price of admission!
Tuesday 6-6
Hot Stove
Let the Good Times Roll!!
Thursday 6-8
9 Innings---- a lot of great plays ended up on the cutting room floor. Great GAME!
Tuesday 6-13
A special game with a tribute to Mike McCluskey--- includes a few "fun" plays!
Thursday 6-15
Old Kings
The kids are out of school--- look forward to seeing more young fans!!
Tuesday 6-20
Hot Stove
Every game we find a few new SUPERSTARS!!!
Thursday 6-22
Great game--- score flip-flopped for the entire game--- until THE 7TH INNING!!!
Thursday 6-29
Old Kings
The score kept flip flopping--- you won't know until the end how it is going to go!!
Wednesday 7-5
4th of July crowd in the stands made everyone play a great game!!!
Thursday 7-6
Hot Stove
Always a good rivalry between these two teams!!
Tuesday 7-11
First game in a double header.Aggregate came on strong and kept the pressure on,
What goes around comes around---- Game 2 Fellman came back swinging!!!
Thursday 7-13
Old Kings
These teams are rivals--- it was close right up to the 7th inning!!
Tuesday 7-18
Amazing play at home when Fellman pitcher threw ball home for an out! WOW!!
Thursday 7-20
Hot Stove
Hot Stove came to the park with their game face on this day!!
Monday 7-24
Close game until the 6th inning!
Tuesday 7-25
Old Kings
no tape :(
Monday 7-31
Each team had cheering sections--- lots of energy on the field!!!
Monday 8-7
Old Kings
Close- unpredictable game all the way through...Tie game going into the top of the 7th!!
Thursday 8-17
Hot Stove
Lots of family and friends turned out for this last game of the REGULAR season.

Monday 8-21
4th and 5th place teams meet to duke it out!
Tuesday 8-22
Old Kings
Things get settled in the bottom of the 7th!
Wed 8-23-23
Tied at one point... friends to the end! One team got eliminated.
Thursday 8-24
The winner o this game goes on to more PLAYOFS!

Hot Stove
2.5 minutes o highlights from Hot Stove's Season!!!

And that's all she wrote!! Congratulations ALL--- Great Season!!!