We're back at The Cape!!!

Been here 2 weeks and it all feels like home again!! Still waiting for the weather to warm up. Spending time settling in-- reconnecting and watching the blossoms come in every day!!

Softball Update:

May 14, was Tim's first game up in Harwich. So great to see everyone again. To find current softball games, go to the Softball Harwich tab at the top of the page.

This is the time for THE BIG UPDATE.  Tim is now playing with the Harwich League so I am deleting all the links from last year's schedule. All games are still up on my YouTube Channel but you have to scroll back through the years to find an old one. This is a direct link to My Channel.  If you subscribe it might be easier to find.

Sailing Update:

Wine Knot is ready to sail--- First race of the season is scheduled for this Saturday, June 8.

  We do have lots of ADVENTURES--- just nothing on the scale of 2015-2018. In fact--- Travels with Tim & Toots" will soon be replacing the Falmouth Softball Page.

Tim and Candy

Our travel blog... No big trips since Ireland 2018 ~ But the blog tells our travel story all the back to 2010!

  The New Explorations! is up to date with pics and commentary from Ireland 2018!

HAPPY ST. Patrick's Day!!!

M15 Fleet Winter 23--- Sarasota.

Sailing in the Sonar Fleet Summer 23 in Falmouth on Wine Knot!! We got 3rd for the season!!

Penfield Regatta in Flying Scots November 23 in Sarasota. We have the blue and green spinnaker.

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June 5, 2024