Cape Codgers 2021 D1 League

Rookies and New Recruits Video

May 6, 2021 at Falmouth Heights

One of the crazier things we've done since moving to Florida....Check out video of our kayaking adventure on the Mayaka River with our E Skow friends!

Our travel blog... No big trips since Ireland 2018 ~ but the blog tells our travel story all the back to 2010! We still have plenty of adventures planned but for now are simply enjoying being home.

  The New Explorations! is up to date with pics and commentary from Ireland 2018!

Tim and Toots Amazing Adventures....



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May 8, 2021

With Brother Don on board La Liberte,
a 74 foot schooner which sails from
Falmouth, into Nantucket Sound Cape Cod, MA

summer 2019

We have arrived in Cape Cod --- I think we beat the spring weather by a couple of weeks... but still it is great to be back in "The land of steady habits!!"

Lots of projects on the horizon--- getting a little garden going and hope to get more painting and glass work done this summer. Biking and clamming as soon as things warm up are also in my plans.

Tim is already busy with The Cape Cod Codgers ~ Senior Softball League. They start their official season the week of May 17. Right now they are completing a few weeks of Rookie and New Recruit sessions. I, once again, plan to be their Team Videographer!!

THE LONG AWAITED... 2020 Highlights!!

Cape Cod Codgers!

Click link to see our BOYS of SUMMER

in their

HEROIC and FUN FILLED 2020 Season!!

Tim and Candy