Happy Spring!

Can't believe it, but we are just a little more than a month away from starting our "Journey North." This season has really flown by. The weather was a little disappointing... but still, I know we were more comfortable here than in the snowy north east. New found interest in Mosaics has taken hold--- I definitely see a new purpose to my glass scraps!!

Softball Update:

There is a link to this year's Amish All Star game on the Sarasota Softball page.  Also Tim's Monday and Friday games are posted by date. You can get to the games also directly from my YouTube channel.All his games are still up on my YouTube Channel but you have to scroll back through the years to find an old one. This is a direct link to

My Channel.  If you subscribe it might be easier to find.

Sailing Update:

I've done very little sailing this year--- in fact we have decided to sell my new M 15.  The high winds and cool temps kept me ashore this year--- I may actually get out more often if I commit to crewing. I have helped out doing videos and RC for the Escow Fleet.  This week I am doing a shoot for the Sailing Squadron's "Pot of Gold" Multi fleet Regatta. Check out the sailing page for links to latest videos.

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March 17, 2024

Tim and Candy

HAPPY ST. Patrick's Day!!!

Our travel blog... No big trips since Ireland 2018 ~ But the blog tells our travel story all the back to 2010!

  The New Explorations! is up to date with pics and commentary from Ireland 2018!

  We do have lots of ADVENTURES--- just nothing on the scale of 2015-2018. In fact--- Travels with Tim & Toots" will soon be replacing the Falmouth Softball Page.

Sailing in the Sonar Fleet Summer 23 in Falmouth on Wine Knot!! We got 3rd for the season!!

Penfield Regatta in Flying Scots November 23 in Sarasota. We have the blue and green spinnaker.

M15 Fleet Winter 23--- Sarasota.