Our travel blog... No big trips since Ireland 2018 ~ but the blog tells our travel story all the back to 2010! We still have plenty of adventures planned but for now are simply enjoying being home.

  The New Explorations! is up to date with pics and commentary from Ireland 2018!

One of the crazier things we've done since moving to Florida....Check out video of our kayaking adventure on the Mayaka River with our E Skow friends!

My Sonar Team... we got a Bullet that day! Great day of sailing on Vineyard Sound.


It was a great winter sailing on a Melges15 in Sarasota. Looking forward to sailing with my Sonar Team out of Falmouth Yacht Club and my Herreshcoff 12.5 Skipper out of Quissett YC this summer.

Biking with Don and Tim at the end of the Shining Sea Trail Falmouth MA.

Tim and Candy

My Herreschoff Skipper!! Quissett Harbor Falmouth MA

Sailing in Melegese 15 midwinters with Skipper Jeff Nicholas boat 003--- tuorqoise spinnaker.

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May 16, 2022

And suddenly--- FINALLY--- Spring Arrived!!

Softball Update:

You'll notice a new TAB above--- Tim just started playing for the CCSSL in Harwich. His first game is up on the new page--- I will also be taping his Cape Coders Games he plays in Falmouth... Just starting a new index for the Codgers--- busy season ahead!!

Sarasota Games from last year are all still indexed on the Sarasota Page. The big NEW post there is the Amish Game from last February... always a fun time!

If you are looking for a game from previous years --- simply go to my YouTube Channel.. Scroll back through the games---- the first games were recorded in 2017!!!

This is the link: My Channel.  If you subscribe it might be easier to find.

I am so please to see a big increase in our viewership--- That is my big reward for all the work---it is really a joy to see how happy the films make the players and their families. We all are STARS in our own way!! I also really enjoy being involved with all the players--- great group of people!!

Tim and Toots Amazing Adventures....