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September 12, 2023

Tim and Candy

Check out Joe's 80th Birthday Celebration this past June!!!

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First UPDATE to homepage all summer....

 I guess it's a sign of a good and busy summer that I haven't taken the time to update our home page--- a lot of our fun has simply been a laid back appreciation of the season--- per usual, Tim accomplished a number of house projects... we got to catch up with some old friends-- we had some great family time visiting with both of my brothers--- we ate lots of seafood and clams--- I enjoyed meeting other stained glass artists and working on my own projects.... and we still have a moth to go!!

Formost on my mind these days is how to make great chowda' and other delicasies with clams!! Check out this recipe and vide on Clam Shack-Style Fried Clams!!

Softball Update:

Tim just finished his 2nd season in Harwich. He mostly played left center but also pitched for a number of games. He enjoys pitching and hopes to get more assignments.  He will be playing in the Cape Cod Classics next week which sounds like fun-- players come from all over New England and even further--- who would ever have imagined that Senior Softball was such a big deal???

I will be retiring the Softball Falmouth tab above in the coming weeks. The games will still be available on my YouTube channel but you'll have to scroll through to ind them. Tim played with the Falmouth-- "Codgers" for 4 years so there are a good deal of games there!!If you want to go direct to my channel click here.

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Sailing Update:

Spent the summer sailing on Saturdays at the Falmouth YC on "Wine Knot" a 23' Sonar. This is my third year on the boat with Averill Bromfield as my skipper. We have come together as a team and seem to be doing pretty well against a fleet of very accomplished sailors. As in many coastal New England towns--- local knowledge of winds and currents is critical to success. Over half of our fleet has been sailing these waters for over 20 years. Some skippers actually grew up in the FYC.

We are gearing up to tow my Melges 15 to Sarasota next month. We purchased a trailer and all the necessary accoutrements and are checking our route to make sure the places we stay can accommodate us with our trailer. Looking forward to finally splashing my 70th birthday present... a year later!! It will almost like getting a new gift all over again!!!

  We do have lots of ADVENTURES--- just nothing on the scale of 2015-2018. In fact--- Travels with Tim & Toots" will soon be replacing the Falmouth Softball Page.

Hot Fun in the Summertime--- 2023

Crazier friends...

Soon to come  whole page of--

Tim and Toots Amazing Adventures....