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It's nice to be warm!! November and December gave plenty of chance to be outside and enjoy the holidays with friends. Missed not having any family visit but enjoyed a few visits from close friends. Looking forward to more visitors in the coming months as well as getting over to the East Coast to see people. Won't be long before we start to think about "The Journey North!"


Check out the sailing tab for a couple of new videos. There should be more in the coming months. Looking forward to participation in the M15 Regatta series in January-February and March!!

My Sonar Team... we got a Bullet that day! Great day of sailing on Vineyard Sound.

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January 1, 2022

Biking with Don and Tim at the end of the Shining Sea Trail Falmouth MA.

Happy New Year!!! Here's to a Happy and Healthy 2022!!

Softball Update:

I'm gearing up to start the second half of the Sarasota Senior Softball Season Tapes.... The Sarasota Softball Tab above will take you to the Winter - Spring Series 2022-- January thru March. Scroll down the page to find an index of the Fall 2021 Games.

If you are looking for a game from previous years --- simply go to my YouTube Channel.. Scroll back through the games---- the first games were recorded in 2017!!!

This is the link: My Channel.  If you subscribe it might be easier to find.

Tim and Toots Amazing Adventures....

My Herreschoff Skipper!! Quissett Harbor Falmouth MA

One of the crazier things we've done since moving to Florida....Check out video of our kayaking adventure on the Mayaka River with our E Skow friends!

Our travel blog... No big trips since Ireland 2018 ~ but the blog tells our travel story all the back to 2010! We still have plenty of adventures planned but for now are simply enjoying being home.

  The New Explorations! is up to date with pics and commentary from Ireland 2018!

Tim and Candy